CSUST International Cooperative Training Program for Innovative Talents Obtains CSC Funding

2022-03-02 09:45:19 2022-03-02

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) recently announced the list of the funded International Cooperative Training Programs for Innovative Talents 2022. The Smart Water Conservancy International Cooperative Training Program for Innovative Talents” declared by the School of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering has been selected into this program.

 It is the second approved program of CSUST. The program aims to meet the needs of strategic talents in the new era, accelerate the modernization of water conservancy, and serve the national strategy of “Great Conservation of the Yangtze River”, “Internet Power” and “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality. Combining the advantages and characteristics of water conservancy engineering discipline of our university, this program is committed to cultivate high-level and top-notch smart water conservancy talents with new era characteristics that are urgently needed in the national water conservancy, transportation, environment, emergency response, resources, energy and other industries and lead the scientific and technological innovation and development of the industry.

Through cooperation with high-level foreign university, the Smart Water Conservancy program comprehensively promotes the development of cutting-edge smart water conservancy scientific research and engineering practice that integrates interdisciplinary and inter-professionals, and strengthens the cooperation and exchange of graduate students and young teachers and improves the construction of water conservancy engineering disciplines in CSUST.

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